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Loola & Goo Launch Party


We held our official launch party at Rhubarb and Custard Café, Hither Green on 29th November 2012.  It was the culmination of a year’s hard graft to get our first collection together.  Four children under 5, a new-born baby, one part-time job and lots of passion and drive made this year quite an eventful one!

The evening was mainly an excuse to celebrate with our friends and family but also to discover if our fledgling business idea was in fact as wonderful as we hoped!  We had total faith in our ideas but we needed to know if other people did too.

The days leading up to the event were a mixed bag of emotions: nervous anticipation and excitement and mild fear that no one would turn up and, indeed if they did, would they even like our product?  We had had very good reactions to our regular ‘sample show and tell’ at Friday playgroup with our friends but things look very different when you ask people to part with their hard-earned cash!  At best we thought we might sell a few tutus and accessories but at worst we could be sitting there gradually getting drunk on the 23 bottles of rose cava and watching the proverbial tumbleweed drift by …

We had a minor hiccup five minutes before we were due to open the doors when the ribbon ‘washing line’ decided to give up the ghost helpfully depositing our lovingly made tutus behind the bench attached to the wall.  Thankfully after a good deal of swearing we managed to fish them out and re-hang a makeshift line just before the first guests arrived.

As it turned out we had no need to worry about no one showing up.  No sooner had we uttered the words

nobody turns up at the beginning of a party and, besides, most people we have invited have kids to put to bed…

when people started to arrive.  Slowly but surely the room filled up with cava-sipping parents and the café came alive with the sounds of folk having a good time.  More importantly to us we were being inundated with questions about the tutus and accessories, our inspiration, materials, and ideas.  If we’d had a penny for every time someone asked if we did adult sizes we’d have been rich!

We found ourselves manically flitting around trying to hold a conversation whilst tissue-wrapping, attaching stickers and stamping bags, replenishing stock and trying to have a sip of cava ourselves!

Julia made a very impromptu off-the-cuff speech forgetting to thank lots of people she should have thanked (sorry!) and probably being far too gushy.  All too quickly our two hours was up but no one showed any intention of leaving.  (Good for us but apologies to Rhubarb- we blame Hattie’s irresistible mince pies!)  After overrunning for an hour we ushered the last person out.  As we tidied up we revelled in an incredible sense of achievement.  The evening had far-surpassed our expectations – people had not just liked our products but seemed to love them.  We were overwhelmed with positive comments from so many lovely people.  What a buzz!  Lou and I both said we wanted to do it all again.  Hmm – can we get away with a ‘launch of second collection’ party???

We want to thank everyone that came to support us and special thanks goes to those that took the time to complete our lengthy questionnaire.  Onwards and upwards with the business plan!

What an amazing evening and confirmation that Loola & Goo is officially in business!  Watch this space …

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